Admirals foals

Admirals Ponca patches


TWHBEA, WHA & THA registered

black lp positive (appy colored)

Ee aa LP/lp ND1&2 

Admiral hanging out


 Admiral is an easy going stallion who is easily pasture bred with his mares and foals he is am excellent dad protects the foals he is very calm and an excellent ride and is easy to handle smart and just a fun horse to have I am blessed to have him and all of his babies.

listed below are babies that were born here 

I invite everyone who has an admiral baby and want your horse included here please email Your info and pictures to

APPS Razzle Dazzle NER

Apps dazzle dazzle NER walkaloosa 
Razz is 15.3 hands

2014 This is APPS razzle dazzle NER he is a walkaloosa that is now living in Colorado with his new owners just a wonderful boy ended up 15 three hands tall 

APPS red eagle NER


APPS  Red Eagle NER   2010 TWHBEA & walkaloosa registered great looking colt this picture was taken by his owner ended up at 15.2 hands

APPS John Henry NER


APPS John Henry NER black lp + colt 2008

APPS Royal Flush NER


APPS Royal Flush NER  this  colt was born in 2014  he was born solid black with the white markings and later roaned caused by  the LP gene to an LP varnish roan wasn’t visible until 2 years old is also non Dun ND

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APPS Spiritwalker NER


 APPS spiritWalker NER is a bay registered WHA walkaloosa filly that was also born solid who would’ve ever guessed that this is how she turn out what a beautiful girl now owned by Carol locus in California. 

Great story I will blog about, 

a case of reincarnation 

APPS Celestial sky NER


 APPS Celestial sky NER is  TWHBEA  and  WHA  registered  she ia  a  Sorrel LP positive filly that was born in 2014 she’s due to have her first foal  this spring 

APPS Warrior princess NER


 APPS  Warrior princess NER aka xena is a registered walkaloosa This little cutie is my personal horse she is just under 14 hands tall and she is an absolute joy !! She is  a sorrel  snowflake with a flaxen mane and tail and has the most lovely gait you could ever ask for she is one of  the smartest horses i  have  ever  known  

admirals foals blessing


 This little lady was born March 27, 2019 she does not have a registered name yet but we are calling her blessing she is a smoky black and possible LP positive 

APPS Dark Knight NER


APPS Dark knight NER 

 This little guy is a stud colt born on July 28, 2018 he is a black with the Ee aa  his homozygous for the non-dun1 gene  he is available not lp +  $1000

APPS Pale moon Rising NER


APPS  pale  moon rising NER 

 Registered TWHBEA , WHA and  he and is eligible for Pintaloosa  this stunning colt is now owned by Jonathan Allred at Saddlebrook Farms in Jamestown Tennessee  pic by saddle brook farms 

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APPS Blue rain NER


 APPS blue rain NER is registered TWHBEA and walkaloosa she is a lp blue roan and she is also Sabino

 This gorgeous filly is owned by Jonathan Allred and is  at  saddlebrook saddle brook farms in Jamestown Tennessee 

 Pics by saddle brook farms 

APPS Loverboy NER


APPS Loverboy NER  2008

gorgeous big black colt  no lp but still very beautiful 

loverboy crossed over the rainbow bridge due to cellulitis after being gelded ;( 


Apps autumn


APPS Autumn is not officially named she is going to be big like her full brother APPS Razzle dazzle NER she is bay and non Dun 

we have not tested her yet for lp but she looks exacly like her auntie APPS Spiritwalker NER

who was also born completely solid like Autumn 

she is available and is currently listed at $800 this is a great chance to own one of Admirals daughters for A bargain!!

Admirals foal cricket


Cricket is the newest addition to lineup she is bay sabino and lp+ with non dun no tobiano 

we just think she is the greatest!