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Moonwalkers princess



moonwalkers princess cremello homozyous for cream she is 15 hands and broke very well took Her camping and to field trial practice she did great experienced trail horse just been a broodmare for last couple years was asking $2500 but since she needs some work I am reducing her to $1800 obo hopefully for a quick sale.

I do have a video on her being ridden it’s a dark video but if you bear with it you see how she moves just a few days ago its on


Firecracker walkaloosa


this little walkaloosa filly is adorable as she is very pretty I bought her last winter and have decided she is not quite right for my breeding program so my Loss is your gain she is spotted saddle horse and POA ( ponies of America) she is frosted all under her winter coat will be a stunner

trots at liberty but was gaiting when I brought her home and still does occasionally at liberty asking $800

Firecrackers sire Winterjack son of I’m all jacked up


 Firecracker is a beautiful Filly get her now such a steal !!!!

Firecrackers dam


Talk about a hunk a chunk take a look at this gal this is the red filly firecrackers dam

Apps autumn



 This filly is double registered part walking horse and walkaloosa yet  apps autumn sunshine NER she was born at 11 am  on October 27, 2018 her sire is Admirals Ponca patches  and the dam is Strawberry Fields NER  WHA   Walkaloosa registered 

 This filly is full sister to apps razzle-dazzle NER and the niece and half sister Of APPS spiritwalker NER APPS SpiritWalker NER was also born solid. They are both 15.2 or better she will be big

Pending sale 

Testing is being done on our foals we have 6 to test


When testing is completed we will be  offering foals for sale !!

we had 6 this year ! 

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Dazzling dark prince NER


 Dazzling dark prince NER is a colt that was born July 27, 2017 he is approximately two years old he is 13.3 hands and he is LP positive he’s actually homozygous for the lp gene he is easy to handle and is a stunning guy  and is also homozygous for the DMRT3 (gait gene) this guy is a winner and I have started working on him for saddle training he is receptive of it and enjoys the attention 

he loads leads ties is good with his feet and in general is a very easy horse to work with anyone could handle him.

We are retaining prince and will breed him to a few mares next spring as we were unable to find a breeding home for him 

Moonwalkers storm princess



2007 model TWHBEA walking horse mare she is cremello and is 15 hands 

she had a Smokey Black filly in march 2019 shown in photo with her 

very nice riding horse always gaits 

seasoned trail horse before I bought her 3 years ago.

i have take taken her to field trial practice and she is good with the dogs and barely startled whin cap gun was shot.

i feel this mare could so anything you asked her for I have done llead Line  lessons with her no problem.

she speeds up when you ask and has a good whoa 

she trailers very well and is fine with being in new environments.

selling only because I need to decrease my herd and have foot surgery! 

Cricket apps precious patches NER



twhbea eligible (paperwork pending)

this is a one in a million horse! 

Bay blanketed sabino filly

with both white patches at birth and dark spots mixed in 

sire Admirals Ponca patches 

dam Majors precious flirt 

what a great match 

this filly is for sale 

asking is $7500

She will produce appy colored babies 50% or more .

Contact me for more info 

or  text me 979492-2520 and I will get back with you 

thank you 

A dangerous Threat



Own daughter of gens armed and dangerous 

in foal to admirals Ponca patches for a spring foal 50% chance of appy colored foal 

this mare is 14.3 great confrontation and breeding she is 19 years old.

great little riding horse trail master

You would never know she was 19 

Admirals Ponca patches is going to Tennessee


Would you like an admiral foal of your own? 

Admiral will be standing in middle  Tennessee 


Interested? contact stallion manager Mandy Imai 931-237-7925

for more info

Up and coming colt! Will be breeding this time next year!!


Lovely colt out of he’s ebony and ivory 

palomino overo we have high hopes for this guy !!!

will keep you posted on his progress 

See him move

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Neo Equus ranch


admiral playing around Little sliding stop

Working on a page for info on lp in walking horses


Admiral in action 

Working on a page regarding the non-Dun genes


 This is apps pale moon rising  NER he is carrying 2 non Dun gene and his base color is bay he is also caring LP and is homozygous black it does appear that non Dun genes and  the LP gene causes coat dilution only an observation at this point it is being looked into though 

Admiral headed for the barn


looking good.

Also working on a page with all of our mares


One of newest ones go boys special penny 

Jamie Lynn Presgraves on admiral


a Afternoon of fun