Apps dazzling dark prince NER


When color counts prince gives it all he’s got!!

Dazzling dark prince NER 


this colt is Admirals grandson he is ee Aa LP/LP no sabino that’s all undiscovered white genes making that big blanket 

Prince is going to be very unique 

we are loving watching him grow 

born 7-27-17 

Being offered for sale $4500

$3000 for a limited time 

What is lp? The leopard complex gene

The leopard complex gene lp wow even the name is complicated the lp gene is the gene responsible for the spotting pattern in Appaloosa colored horses.

there are undiscovered white gene or genes that cause blankets on appy colored horses 

PATN1 is responsible for leopard appy colored horses (mostly 70% white with spots )

Dazzling dark prince NER has no white genes 

at least none that have been discovered yet 

that’s right no sabino no splash no tobiano 

what’s making all the white on prince is as of yet undiscovered .